My Top *09 Fill-In-The-Blank Resolutions

  1. I will not fall prey and browse on ambiguous sites again, ever.
  2. I will make enough money to fulfill my Arise & Build pledge and to prepare for marriage.
  3. I will spend time to pray more and surf less.
  4. I will finally get my driving license.
  5. I will quit procrastinating on doing the little things, start being enthusiastic in working on them, and eat humble pie.
  6. I will go to church but will not be limited by the church’s vision and be captivated by God’s and His kingdom’s vision.
  7. No more wasteful time over lunches and more catch-up sessions over dinners.
  8. I want to meet my goals for 2009 and bring more of His presence and power down to my world and into others.
  9. I will try to make time for writing a short book.