My Christmas 2008

Despite the fact that Christmas day (25 December) is not exactly the date that Jesus Christ was born, Christmas still remains to be an extraordinary event that is celebrated world-wide.

My first Christmas

I recalled my first Christmas after receiving Christ. That was 12 years ago. I was in my prison cell.

During Christmas, all prison inmates who were Christians were served with a special dinner.

“Special” meant our normal serving style would be spruced up from white rice to fried rice and additional meat dish. That meal also included a slice of butter cake.

Today, I don’t just celebrate Christmas by treating myself with some special meals. I  celebrate by remembering His grace to me and the Hope He has given to me in living my life to the full.

Towards 2009

This year’s Christmas, I am thankful that I was also given an opportunity during a pre-Christmas gathering to recount my experience in prison where I had encountered God. Hopefully, it had inspired others to know our living and loving God.

In the past, that part of my life was a shame that I hid from others. Now, that part has become a banner that is raised for His glory. Unbelievable.

Like how the Jews observe the Pass Over to remind them of their roots, Christmas never fails to connect me back to His love for me . It serves also as timely annual reminder of the Hope I have in His Son, Jesus Christ as I enter the new year.

On this note, I like to wish everyone a BLESSED CHRISTMAS!