Growing Irreligiously

It’s been almost three months since my move of church.

I must admit that there had been ‘wobbling’ experiences as I detached myself from the ‘comfortable environment’ and ‘safety structures’ of my previous home church.

Spreading out

But like how it is necessary for a butterfly to break out from its cocoon state in strengthening its wings for flight, that is how I would describe this phase.

God-incidentally, that was the prophetic vision He gave to me amid my decison-making.

I know He is preparing me for the challenges that lies ahead. And I need to be close to Him; plugged in with Him to flow with His plans.

In a relationship, not religion

Launching out from where I was has taken my faith in God to another level of trust and reliance in Him towards His will for me.

This transitional phase has somewhat strengthened my relationship with God. I am more secured in who I am as His child based on my relationship with Him and not only because of my involvement in ‘spiritual’ or church-related activities.

“We live by faith, not by sight.”

2 Corinthians 5:7

This new ground with its uncertainties that He has led me has activated my faith even more where I can further exercise my faith in leaning on His principles, not methods; led by His Spirit, not routines.

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