I have moved

Finally after more than 25 years at Blk 438 as my home, I have moved.

Now presenting my new home- Clementi Heights!

Ha ha… Macham condo name, but actually HDB… =P

Just to avoid any misunderstanding, I’m moving cos of my old home kena en-bloc by the gahmen, and not cos I got married hor… Hee hee…


That’s my view from my room. It’s so near the Clementi swimming complex that one day I might even consider diving into the pool from my window.

Ha ha… Just kidding!

5 thoughts on “I have moved

  1. Oh really?! We were neighbours huh…

    Probably you were that little girl that stole my lollipop then. Since that incident, I was not able to see her.

    Its YOU!!!

    Just kidding… made up that story. Muz be the morning crankiness =p

  2. Wa! No posting today.
    Tell you what? I remember last Sunday, we are having dinner. I hear that Addy is talking about serving ministry. If I am him, no worry about that – I will start a song writing ministry. That is the voice speaking who alway speak to me, inspire me with ideas. For myself, I will do something about Internet, since that is my favorite subject. Back to the fact, we must now look at the inside of us. What we can do? What are our hobby? What are our expertise to serve the Lord? Many a time, people went on pursue post in ministry, in the end – not satified to the area.
    That is because it is not your core expertise, your purpose. If the thing you do have conflict with what you are – you are in deep shit! :p

    One thing you can do yourself a favor, writing things you expert in, you interested in, you have experience. Write it down, link them, it will form a truely unique you. That is a trademark of yourself, a branding that people recognize you in term in service God and people. Like oh, Andrew, that who and who, expert in this and that.
    Or you can don’t do any thing about it, give excuse, more excuse. So that people don’t know you, and the only thing they will say to you is excuse me – you are blocking the way. You become a excuse.
    I guess you are laughing right now!
    Ha Ha Ha…….

    Copyright 😛 William

  3. Nope nope.. My cousin stays there. But when I was young, I always stay over there. Perhaps you are that boy that pushed me and caused me a scar!!! HAHA!! Kidding la… *GrinZ*

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