The Four Levels of Loyalty

In this modern age, loyalty is a difficult and controversial subject.

For instance, employers or leaders expect their employees or followers to be fully loyal to their company or cause.

But in threatening times like a recession, we see that they do not hesitate to retrench their staff in order to survive.

Ironic isn’t it? With such acts being carried out, it is not surprising that the idea of loyalty has become vague and often with wrong emphasis.

True loyalty

What is loyalty? In a simple definition, it means faithfulness. Faithful to commitments or obligations; faithful adherence to a sovereign, government, leader or cause.

“And anyone who does not carry his cross and follow me cannot be my disciple.”

Luke 14:27

However, let me submit to you that the first loyalty anyone should be committed to is God. That’s because He represents TRUTH which is the foundation for us to stand upright.

The reason why many of us are insecure because we have seek security through following a flawed concept of loyalty. We mostly put the greatest stress on loyalty to our boss or leader. In a church, it could be our pastors.

Priorities of loyalty

The first loyalty should be to God- our relationship with Him. Are we right with Him? Are we worshiping Him in spirit and truth? Are we following His will according to His word? Are we committed to His kingdom cause?

The second loyalty is our God-given assignment. Doing what we are called to in serving His purpose. We are His servants and are called to use our talents, gifts and abilities to serve His Church for the lost.

Therefore, it is our obligation to discover our personal assignment, our talents, gifts and abilities. Through this journey of discovery, we need to eventually blend all of these elements to fully optimise our lives in fulfilling His will for us.

The third loyalty is to the government, company or church we are working for or belong to, because we do not bite the hand that feeds us. If we want to be part of the organisation, then it is only right that we submit to their goals and direction.

The fourth and the last is loyalty to our boss or leader who surely needs our support, advice and assistance. But remember that he is not and cannot be the first loyalty.


However, if submitting to either the third or fourth violates our first loyalty or even second, then we should align our lives according to those priorities and stand by them.

Likewise, the same measures should also be carried out if the fourth violates the third.

As you can see, understanding and having a proper priority of loyalties will be the first step in building a sense of security.

This will ultimately and greatly help in building a strong and intimate relationship with God; walking in faith and obedience to His will.

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