The No.1 World-wide Addiction: The Internet

Here are a compilation of news that illustrates the growing prominience of the Internet has in our lives around the globe. Some good and some bad.

This only reasons that we cannot avoid it, but need to embrace it in order that we can master it to use it approriately or be mastered by it.

  1. British Addicted to Internet
    Over a quarter of British Internet users are addicted to the Internet, according to recent research conducted by TNS Global Interactive.
  2. Women prefer Internet to Sex: Survey
    Nearly one out of two women would rather give up sex for two weeks than go without the internet, according to a survey.
  3. Internet De-addiction Centers Open in China
    Chinese hospitals are to open specially designed psychiatric units to treat internet addicts which a recent survey has shown to be a whopping 42 % of the youth who are addicted to the net.
  4. One in Eight US adults addicted to Internet
    A study from Stanford University School of Medicine in California found that “problematic internet use” was present in a sizeable portion of the population.
  5. Online Sales expected to rise 17% in 2008
    Online spending is expected to rise a robust 17% this year, despite a sluggish economy that has bruised many brick-based retailers, according to an annual survey to be released Tuesday.
  6. 10 per cent British kids have had online sex chats
    A new poll has revealed that about 10 per cent of British kids have had sexually explicit chatting on the Internet.
  7. How Obama’s Internet campaign changed Politics
    The Obama campaign’s use of the Internet has been cited as playing a large role in upending how presidential races are fought.

One thought on “The No.1 World-wide Addiction: The Internet

  1. “This only reasons that we cannot avoid it, but need to embrace it in order that we can master it to use it approriately or be mastered by it.”

    I agree with you bro! Had been wanting to go on an internet fast… but we really need to use the net like our handphones – now they’re pretty much synonymous…

    So have to exercise greater self-control when it comes to surfing addictive sites like Wikipedia or even sites like, or 😉

    Self-control is even more essential than before…

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