Do you believe this?

I don’t know about you but from what I’ve seen, heard and experienced, I find it hard to believe what she says… Ho ho ho…

What about you? Especially my civil servant friends =p

3 thoughts on “Do you believe this?

  1. Well, i graduated beyond 4 years and am now working in a stat board. My grads are pretty mediocre. So, what do you think?

  2. My stand point on this article is that the gahmen looks at Academic qualifications above all things else…

    For instance, in the Military, only degree holders by default qualify as officers while O levels or diplomas as specialists.

    Even in ministries, degree holders tend to gain better advancement and prospect compared to diploma holders who might be better skilled and experienced.

    But in any case, this cycle of unfair-ness will never end, just have to make the best of whatever opportunities that may come within reach and the Lord will bless.

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