My Doodling:

Went to the dentist recently and had been told that I will need to do root canal treatment with the whole crown + gum surgery package. The forecasted cost…. a whopping $1k plus!?

I think going to dentist is one of those things you go unreluctantly. Not only cos of the pain but also the pain in you wallet. Who wants to pay money to experience pain and suffering???

5 thoughts on “

  1. Mingchun: So lay chey… Go all the way Penang just to do it. And I need to make at least 4 trips leh… How?

    Anyway now you know what to do with your 100k blessing campaign ya… =P

  2. I love dental visits but hate the bill though :p Soon, I’d be having at least 2 of my wisdom teeth removed… Sianz………….

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