My transcript

Yesterday I finally collected my transcript! Yeah and a yay!!!

Can’t believe that in 3 month’s time (October) I will be actually attending my graduation ceremony leh…

Never have I imagine myself studying, least to say picturing myself (an ah beng drop-out and pai kia) wearing the graduate student’s gown with mortarboard. So unreal lor… =p

It’s ALL God’s leading and doing. I simply follow and obey Him by faith.

Thank you God!

4 thoughts on “My transcript

    So proud of you BEYOND words….
    Thank God for His amazing grace & faithfulness… Thank God for your perseverance to finish the race and continuing the race for Him!

    with you in Him

  2. Wow wow wow! Congratulations, praise GOD!
    Wei bro, you score especially well for those PR modules wor 🙂

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