The No.1 World-wide Addiction: The Internet

Here are a compilation of news that illustrates the growing prominience of the Internet has in our lives around the globe. Some good and some bad.

This only reasons that we cannot avoid it, but need to embrace it in order that we can master it to use it approriately or be mastered by it.

  1. British Addicted to Internet
    Over a quarter of British Internet users are addicted to the Internet, according to recent research conducted by TNS Global Interactive.
  2. Women prefer Internet to Sex: Survey
    Nearly one out of two women would rather give up sex for two weeks than go without the internet, according to a survey.
  3. Internet De-addiction Centers Open in China
    Chinese hospitals are to open specially designed psychiatric units to treat internet addicts which a recent survey has shown to be a whopping 42 % of the youth who are addicted to the net.
  4. One in Eight US adults addicted to Internet
    A study from Stanford University School of Medicine in California found that “problematic internet use” was present in a sizeable portion of the population.
  5. Online Sales expected to rise 17% in 2008
    Online spending is expected to rise a robust 17% this year, despite a sluggish economy that has bruised many brick-based retailers, according to an annual survey to be released Tuesday.
  6. 10 per cent British kids have had online sex chats
    A new poll has revealed that about 10 per cent of British kids have had sexually explicit chatting on the Internet.
  7. How Obama’s Internet campaign changed Politics
    The Obama campaign’s use of the Internet has been cited as playing a large role in upending how presidential races are fought.

Penetrating the Media Space

Since 2006, I chanced upon this gift of writing incidentally through blogging and my work.

It is through this passion and flair for writing that I discovered more of His calling for me- to be salt and light in the media space or arena.

Writing for His glory

At that time, I really did not know how I was to get in. I just prayed and took each step by faith as it unfolded with each day. And of cos, writing hard each day too.

Though after two years I know that I’m still very far from completing His vision, but I’m  amazed at how He has built the in-roads for me to penetrate into the media space as a writer.

It has to be God’s leading as these in-roads appeared out of nowhere for me. It was certainly not due to my own capabilities.

The 90/10 strategy

Besides it being a ministry, I am beginning to see how God is leading me towards this as possible career in the near future.

In spite of the general not-so-good views of writing as not being a lucrative or ideal job in Singapore, I think otherwise.

Based on the 90/10 rule explained by Robert Kiyosaki, I see more opportunities for me to enter into the 10 per cent as a writer. I foresee that this path will be further backed with the emerging trends of the Internet.

We only need to look to the US to see what Singapore’s development will be like in the coming years. And the Internet will be play a massive role in shaping that future.

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Re-thinking Our Economic Expectations

Recent news have been filled with retrenchments, retrenchments and more retrenchments.

It’s quite disturbing to read how companies have heartlessly ‘axed’ their employees who they deem as excessive expenditure in order to ride through the slowdown.

Judging from the recent comments by NTUC’s Labour Chief, Mr Lim Swee Say who conveniently also happens to be a Minister for the Prime Minister’s Office, it’s clear that we should expect no one to owe us a job or pay check; not even from our government.

I’m not sure about you, but seeing of these unfolding each day has triggered me to seriously think about my career path

Everything increases except our pay

It is not uncommon for us to bemoan how daily expenses for our standard living have rocketed, but the truth cannot be said of our monthly income.

From a globalised marketplace standpoint where Singapore is competing with low-cost labour countries like India and China (without even mentioning our regional neighbours), I think the harsh truth is that by increasing our income level any higher would erode Singapore’s competitive prowess and business appeal.

This is the reality that we’ll need to firstly come to terms and accept. We need to renounce the ‘crutch mentality’ and make best out of what we have.

If we really do have any sort of increment regardless of the economic situation, we should learn to be more grateful.

Nonetheless, salaries do differ exponentially across the gamut of industries available and the type of job we are in. So this might not apply to you if you are in a niche industry like the Oil & Gas or Civil Service working as a Minister.

The way out is…

After managing your expectations with our reality and you find that you are a person that is easily satisfied with whatever you have and have no qualms in having others determining your worth and job security, then you can choose not to take any action.

However, if you desire to earn more and do not want a ‘glass ceiling’ to your income level, then some practical actions might need to be taken in order to get to that ideal position.

From my opinion, I think there two routes we can consider in ‘escaping’ from the system. One of it is to start our own business and the other is to switch to politics and join PAP sales where much of our salary is dependent on sales commission.

I think both these routes are career paths that reward us fairly according ly to our efforts invested and performance delivered.

Maybe some of us can take the opportunity of the approaching year-end by taking a ‘stock check’ to re-evaluate our careers.

We can seize the opportunities that are there for the taking in this situation by planning ahead how we can take our career to the next level in the coming New Year.

Signs You’re About to Lose Your Job

So we’re in a global economic crisis, our deficit is soaring, and people are being fired in record numbers. Are you nervous that you’ll soon be selling backside?

Well, we can’t entirely remove the anxiety, but we can take some air out of the surprise. Pay attention to these indicators, and you won’t be so shocked when the pink slip comes…

Jokes courtesy of

Jokes courtesy of

1. You come in to work, and there’s a tissue packet on your chair.

2. The guy who keeps kapo-ing your food from the office fridge now eats it in front of you.

3. Everyone in the office starts being reeeeally nice to you all of a sudden.

4. Those fish on your screen saver are all now floating upside down.

5. Someone has replaced the motivational poster on your wall with one that says, “Life is Just Lan-Lan, Lor.”.

6. Usually, when you make fun of your boss’s botak head, everyone laughs. Now, they just stand around and fidget silently.

7. Scott Adams pops his head into your office and asks if he can include you in the next instalment of ‘Dilbert’.

8. You reach for the stapler and your secretary pulls it away, barking, “Who say you can touch company property?!”

9. The H.R. Department is squatting on the edges of your cubicle, flapping their arms like a crow and going, “Caw! Caw!”

10. Your friends use to call you “Brudder”. Now they call you “Lehman.”

11. Your name is George W. Bush.

12. You are being tried for wearing a kangaroo t-shirt.

13. You just managed an Olympic medal-winning Singaporean sports team.

14. That terrorist you were supposed to guard is taking a damn long time to shee-shee in the jamban.

15. You are not a Minister, MP or civil servant.

Some Insights for a Marketplace Minister

Recently, I was re-visiting the book of Daniel and was led to some interesting insights from the marketplace standpoint.

In chapter 1 from verses 3 to 4, it mentioned that the king ordered to bring in some Israelites to serve in his palace and these were the pre-requisites: “young men without any physical defect, handsome, showing aptitude for every kind of learning, well informed, quick to understand.”

Lesson One- Outward appearance matters

I believe in this list of pre-requisites that the king was looking are similar qualities that our employers or bosses look for in promoting us or entrusting us for higher tasks.

Likewise, whether we are employees or not but as business-owners, we should strive to have this qualities as this would lead us towards upward mobility for higher influence.

Notably, physical appearance was highlighted by God citing that Daniel was handsome. Much to conventional christian thinking where heart is more important than looks, this provides an added perspective that looks do matter. If it didn’t, it would not have been included in this passage.

This means that as marketplace ministers, it is equally important that we pay attention to our outward appearance where we’re well-groomed. As people will normally judge our personality and character from our appearance, therefore we should dress to impress in order to impact positively.

I believe this is true as there have been many examples that I have personally witnessed where the boss did not appreciate the good work of his staff just because he (the boss) didn’t like his face or his style. Or how someone who dresses sloppily does not pass a job interview or sales pitch in spite of having a good portfolio.

Lesson Two- Attitude seals the deal

It was only after getting pass the physical test (as indicated by the order of pre-requisites), the king was then able to look further into the inward traits of desire for learning, being well-informed and quick to understand.

This clearly shows that we need to be people that keep learning and improving on the job. Employers are looking for people who display competence and a spirit of excellence that are ready and quick to produce and contribute to their ‘kingdom’ or organisation.

Having these inner traits speaks of forward-thinking people, who do not wait for things to happen, but make things happened because they see the things ahead that are coming their way.  With their progressive intelligience, they are able to respond and not react to the changing market forces.

Like Daniel who was able to interpret visions and dreams, as effective marketplace people we should also be able to interpret the trends in our industry. For example, understanding the trends would help in identifying the opportunities that might be present ahead and to seize it before our competitors do.

This simply means that we also be thinkers who give solutions to problems and not merely doers with our jobs.

Conclusion- My personal prayer

Many of us usually hope to see changes in our results or outcome, but I have come to discover more and more than it begins with ourselves first. It begins in redefining who we are, and upping our commitment to ‘play the game’ in the marketplace as a professional.

Once our thoughts and attitude changes, our actions changes, and so do our results.

With these simple insights, I pray that I will avoid complacency at work by just meeting the basic expectations. I want to strive in exceeding the normal expectations by putting more effort in taking my work to another new level with God’s anointing.

I believe every word that is written in the bible is inspired by God, is meant to teach you and me invaluable lessons for living successfully.

Some Ramblings at Work

Lately, work has been a dread. I dragged my feet to work almost everyday.

Not that I do not enjoy what I do, as I do (at least the main part of it). But things have not got any better, if not worse after the new term.

I have lost my enthusiasm for my job as I see us spending more time boot-licking and politicking when we should be focusing and spending our energy on delivering our KPIs if not exceedingly.

I really do not enjoy doing things just for the sake of doing things, which do not contribute to the growth of the organisation or truly benefit our clients in the long term. Everything we do seems to be reactive and not proactive.

I am almost reaching my second year with my present employer and I want to believe that my time there is almost up. Though I know what my next step should be, I am still waiting for the next door to open and his cue for me to leave.

Surprise by this post? I thought of showing the more human side of me that also experiences frustrations and disappointments in the humdrum of life. Ha ha…

Hmmm… I think its time to really plan for my exit. This recession might be a good period to take a sabbatical break.


The Four Levels of Loyalty

In this modern age, loyalty is a difficult and controversial subject.

For instance, employers or leaders expect their employees or followers to be fully loyal to their company or cause.

But in threatening times like a recession, we see that they do not hesitate to retrench their staff in order to survive.

Ironic isn’t it? With such acts being carried out, it is not surprising that the idea of loyalty has become vague and often with wrong emphasis.

True loyalty

What is loyalty? In a simple definition, it means faithfulness. Faithful to commitments or obligations; faithful adherence to a sovereign, government, leader or cause.

“And anyone who does not carry his cross and follow me cannot be my disciple.”

Luke 14:27

However, let me submit to you that the first loyalty anyone should be committed to is God. That’s because He represents TRUTH which is the foundation for us to stand upright.

The reason why many of us are insecure because we have seek security through following a flawed concept of loyalty. We mostly put the greatest stress on loyalty to our boss or leader. In a church, it could be our pastors.

Priorities of loyalty

The first loyalty should be to God- our relationship with Him. Are we right with Him? Are we worshiping Him in spirit and truth? Are we following His will according to His word? Are we committed to His kingdom cause?

The second loyalty is our God-given assignment. Doing what we are called to in serving His purpose. We are His servants and are called to use our talents, gifts and abilities to serve His Church for the lost.

Therefore, it is our obligation to discover our personal assignment, our talents, gifts and abilities. Through this journey of discovery, we need to eventually blend all of these elements to fully optimise our lives in fulfilling His will for us.

The third loyalty is to the government, company or church we are working for or belong to, because we do not bite the hand that feeds us. If we want to be part of the organisation, then it is only right that we submit to their goals and direction.

The fourth and the last is loyalty to our boss or leader who surely needs our support, advice and assistance. But remember that he is not and cannot be the first loyalty.


However, if submitting to either the third or fourth violates our first loyalty or even second, then we should align our lives according to those priorities and stand by them.

Likewise, the same measures should also be carried out if the fourth violates the third.

As you can see, understanding and having a proper priority of loyalties will be the first step in building a sense of security.

This will ultimately and greatly help in building a strong and intimate relationship with God; walking in faith and obedience to His will.

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