Spread LOVE, not AIDS

With the heighting awareness of AIDS with the most recent initiative launched by Standard Chartered bank over the weekend, together with the escalating spats between the not-so-funny blogger Xia Xue and the act-cute Steven Lim aka Singapore Idol contestant with yellow trunks in the blogsphere, I thought it would be fitting to present this video clip.

This is a Steven Lim’s production with him as the lead actor (only 1 actor) in his home-made AIDS awareness commercial. 


Of cos that’s not the best way or THE way to the prevention of spreading AIDS…

But HEY! You got to give him (Steven Lim) credit for being entertaining (funny) and creative (lame)! =P

I say, “Spread LOVE, not AIDS!”

2 thoughts on “Spread LOVE, not AIDS

  1. Just want to insert this happening in His Church in regards to homosexuality in Singapore since we are in the topic of AIDS.

    Here’s the website of a church in Singapore that embraces homosexuality as biblical, which is something for us to be aware about and knowing the WOG deeper for ourselves.

    Visit http://www.freecomchurch.org/

    And this is the stand spoken by the Methodist Church, taken from ST- http://www.straitstimes.com/ST+Forum/Story/STIStory_140489.html

  2. Hi, thanks to Bishop Dr. Robert Solomon who spoke out.

    I’ve attended his preaching in a conference before.

    Very inspiring man of God


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